Densen Casting(Iron sand casting)
Established in 1992                                                             Located in Shenyang China
Factory area: 14,000 m2 Employee numbers: 150
Annual capacity: 6,000 tons Processes:  shell sand casting
Material handled: ductile iron, gray iron Certificates: ISO9001-2008

Densen casting is the designated supplier of Bridgestone for more than 15 years, Fukuyama rubber for more than 5 years. Production and inspection line was set up and supervised by Bridgestone’s team. 100% products sold to overseas. Among them, 80% sold to Japan market.

Densen casting is good at using overlaying pouring system to improve work efficiency and quality stability. The nodularity rate of regular products could reach to 90-95%. 

Main equipment 

Casting:Pattern Shell molding machines 20 sets; resin sand casting 1 line; intermediate frenquency smelting furnaces: 6 sets (2tons*1+0.5tons*4); 


Heat treatment: well furnace*5 sets + auto continuous furnace with gas 1 set
Pattern shop: CNC centers*4 sets; Engraving machine*1 set; Wire cutting machine*1 set; CNC lathes*2 sets; Electrical pulse machine*1 set

Inspection: Spectrometer*1 set; pre-furnace chemical inspection instrument*1 set; CMM*1 set; mechanical testing equipment incl. strength, impact, hardness,etc.5 sets.

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